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History of Guith Morris

Guith Morris, formed in 2010, is an Isle of Wight based Morris Dance Group. We were originally known as Guith Carnival Morris.

 Originally formed under the auspices of the Carnival Learning Centre to participate in the Yarmouth May Day celebrations, the members  “got the bug” and wanted to carry on so became Guith Carnival Morris.  Once again with the Carnival Centre and the participation of other Island Morris sides, we were proud to take part in the Grand Procession on the occasion of the Island Games in 2011.

The original Carnival Learning Centre has since reformed as The New Carnival Company.  

We dropped the name Carnival in 2015 to avoid confusion with the North of England Tradition of Carnival Morris sometimes referred to as "Fluffy Morris".

The group dances in the Cotswold and Welsh Border styles of dancing and includes both male and female dancers and musicians.

Our “kit” is fairly free style, based on pink and purple, the only standard feature is the Bell pads.

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