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What we are about

Guith Morris are a mixed side who dance in the traditions of the Cotswold and Welsh borders. We have also added a few dances of our own, hopefully following the tradition. While taking the dance and the tradition seriously we certainly intend to enjoy our dancing and to try and show our audience the fun that can be had from dancing.
We are also lucky to have a good bunch of musicians and singers, so we are not adverse to bursting in to a song or a tune if the occasion so arises!

There are fairly usual terms for "committee" members in most Morris sides. In Guith Morris we have tailored a few to reflect our more modern fun approach. We have kept the name of Squire to avoid confusion to other sides!

The Squire, who looks after general running of the side, this year is John
Our Scrivener looking after bookings and correspondence etc. is Elaine
Our Tutor who strives to teach us how to dance, is Dilys
Our Moneybags, extracting subs and juggling/balancing the books is Jillie
And in a  unique Guith position of Sunny Jim, Shane, who keeps an eye on the weather forecast.

This fine bunch are ably assisted by the rest of us, as and when needed.

For my sins, I run the website. It's been a steep learning curve but I think it's quite pretty. I will be adding to it as and when.

Any feedback purely related to the site send to me, Andy Jackson.


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