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 Swanage Festival

Where have we been before ?

Calendar 2016 
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A 90th Birthday tea at the Old Smithy at Godshill

dilyssue.jpg lizziedilys.jpg
Dilys with Sue our guest musician
Lizzie and Dilys
peter.jpg suegeoff.jpg
Peter capturing a moment
Sue, Geof and Lizzie, discussing the finer points!

We were pleased to be asked to dance at a wedding at the very beautiful, Ventnor Botanic Garden

expectantcrowd.jpg firstdance.jpg
Just some of the guests
Bride and Groom first dance !!
stick.jpg dance.jpg
We presented them with their own stick as a memento
And then we had another dance.

A Lovely day out at Northbrook House to celebrate the Queen's Birthday with the residents

group1.jpg dancing1.jpg
Most of the cast for the day (Where's Geoff, another ice cream?)
See Geoff was there !
dancing2.jpg engine.jpg
What a lovely old building.
And then we had a trip on the Birthday Special.

A very enjoyable dance and session with the Wight Bells at the Pilot Boat  July 2016

pilotboat1.jpg pilotboat10.jpg pilotboat2.jpg
First dance out by our newest member Janet (middle)
Theyr'e plotting something!!
White Bells Joan
pilotboat9.jpg pilotboat4.jpgpilotboat5.jpg
Mel Wendy and Peter
Bruce Kath and Den
Georgie in fine voice
pilotboat6.jpg pilotboat7.jpg pilotboat8.jpg
Hasn't that Waitrose sale finished yet, Andy??
Peter inspiring a dance
And Elaine and Mel just courldn't resist it!


Brilliant Blues - just happened by!

Sticks from an Ancient Woodland.

George Kershaw from Oxford City Morris presented a new set of sticks to Wendy, the Scrivenor during the dance out at the Pilot Boat.   Many thanks for these George,  we will "try" to look after them!!

sticks.jpg sticks2.jpg
George presents the sticks to Wendy
John,our chief stick breaker, thinks" I'll soon snap them!

The sticks come from Brasenose Wood – a ancient traditional coppice woodland forming part of Shotover Forest.  This in the past was part of the vast Wychwood Forest, a former royal hunting ground in Oxfordshire.  Sticks for Headington Quarry Morris, come from this woodland, and with over 400 years of recorded history, they have probably harvested their sticks from this woodland for most of this time. 

In George’s capacity as Quarter Master for Oxford City Morris side, he is responsible for ensuring a constant supply of good quality sticks, both long and short, for the side.  He decided he needed to harvest some fresh sticks in Autumn 2015, as usual from Brasenose Woods.

 George remembered Wendy commenting during a walk earlier that year, that Morris sticks have a limited life and he thought he would prepare some extra sticks for Guith Morris 

Notes on stick production

The best time to cut Hazel is during Autumn after the leaves have fallen.  The sticks need to be cut at least 150mm longer than required, to allow for cracking at the ends. Next, the sticks are stored in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight so they can dry naturally.

Having dried out sufficiently the bark and any side shoots or irregularities need to be removed using a Stanley ‘SurForm’ fitted with a ridged blade (5-21-508).

 Finally the sticks are finished off with a power sander using 60 grit paper.  Then marked up for the correct length, and cut using a fine tooth power saw, with the sharp edge’s around the ends sanded off.

George Kershaw       Quarter Master for Oxford City Morris

Our second foray to Swanage festival    September 2016
A great time was had by all, more photos to follow

diljohn.jpg janesue.jpg lizetc.jpg
Dilys and John ( starting to regrow! )
Jane and Sue
John, Cliff (every village has got one!)  and Liz
jga.jpg eldga.jpgsesh.jpg
Jillie, Georgie and Andy
Elaine, Dilys, Georgie hiding and that bloke again!
Sue and Wendy giving the session a bit of welly


Dilys and Lizzie extracting money with smiles

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